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  3. hey you, yes you. My name is samir and i am 21 years old, i started playing runescape as early as at the age of 5. i started playing back in 2002-2003, eversince 2007 i've been playing Runescape private servers and other games. i found this server by chance and choose to give it a look, and i was suprised of the work done to the website, the active updates and bug reports. and even i would like to be a part of this new beginning, this project that will probably succeed with all of you hard working members. hope to see more of you all. yes YOU
  4. Official Fluxious Staff List Founder Sander- Time zone: CET Community Manager - Developer Dinh- Time zone: GMT +1 Dioxin- Time zone: PST Wolf- Time zone: GMT +1 Hoax- Time zone: EST Player Moderator Riki - Time zone: EST rsps niko - Time zone: PST - -
  5. Welcome Victor, hope to see you in game too! I somewhat understand Portuguese as I speak Spanish.
  6. Personally I don't think keeping the stats you achieved during the beta would hurt the game. IMO eco should be reseted, but those who played beta should keep their stats
  7. Hello, My name is Victor, I'm from Brazil and I've been playing rsps since when you had to go to moparscape to find the IP of a server to connect. I saw the project thread on rune-server and really liked it, so I decided to give it a chance. I hope to have a good time here on fluxious and meet many like-minded people. If you see me in-game, feel free to say hello
  8. Hello members of Fluxious, Last week you received more information about the release of Fluxious. It was announced that we will continue the beta, to find errors in the game and to resolve them. It is important that the community keeps playing Fluxious. Because without you, Fluxious cannot grow. As promised, there will be different rewards for the people who played during the beta. There are currently three types of rewards: The "Legend" title This title will be available for you in game and on the forums. As for the in game rewards, it will be a loyalty title which can only be obtained if you played during beta so will be considered "rare". Also you will get the amazing forum user bar that is shown above. Wyrm Blade I'm proudly saying that only 7 unique custom items are being added into the game, 6 of them are from the "Wyrm Armor" which can be obtained by reaching the top 3 spots in the hiscores. The last item will be the "Wyrm Blade" and this will be a sword only obtainable by the beta testers. The blade will have a little bit better stats than the Dragon Scimitar. Also this sword is tradeable, so very rare. Being recognised Everyone likes to be recognised in game. So... We're giving you the opportunity to have your name recognised somewhere within the world of Fluxious. This can be on ANYTHING such as a quest title, dialogue, statue examine or name etc. Remember this will be only for the few players that have showed us to be most active at the community.
  9. Background The release of Fluxious has been a controversial topic, with a lot of people concerned of their account progress, and whether playing the beta now is worth doing so. Sander, Dinh, and myself have talked between each other, as well as the players, to brainstorm ways to fix the current problems attached to releasing Fluxious. Release The team has agreed to hold off on releasing Fluxious until a defined list of content has been fixed and/or implemented. Once the list is close to an end, we will announce a finalized release date. Reset To avoid negative impact on the official release of Fluxious, account levels and items will be reset. Account properties such as donations, play time, and other properties which don't impact Fluxious negatively, will remain. Current Account Progress No one wants their invested time to seem wasted. After some discussion, we're ready to propose an idea which aims to make progressing your account during beta worth it. Legends Those playing beta will be considered legendary. This is not a rank. However, it's not merely just a compliment either. Depending on your account build, play time, and donations, your account will be included in future content of Fluxious. This means how you progress your current account will determine how and where references to the account may show up. Many considerations will be taken into account, such as your bank, XP in a skill, and potential history. We are still open to suggestions. Polled Development Time There's a lot of content to be implemented, and a lot of bugs to be fixed. Developers are split across different tasks of different domains, making it harder to organize harming productivity. To ensure the time of developers is used towards what the players want, we will be polling all projects which may require a larger chunk of development time. Poll: https://linkto.run/p/2GWCZFR1 Organized Update Schedule We will be dividing updates into 4 categories: Hotfixes - An abrupt update, occurs needed Patches - An update focused soley on bugs and code enhancements Minor Updates - An update including added ancillaries to existing content, such as a new potion or a new NPC drop Major Updates - An update releasing project-based content, such as an entire skill or a new city
  10. Please cast your vote on the release poll.
  11. Hi, Names Danny. I would like to see if you guys would ever interest in giving a new person a new opportunity in a moderator position. always had dreams. usually active player. would love to be active to something new in development. please would love to have a shot at something new.
  12. Amazing! Great Job to all Fluxious Team!
  13. Sick Update so glad dragon Axe spec is in.
  14. Hey players,We've been working hard on a big set of fixes and additions to bring to Fluxious, and we decided we'd fill everyone in on the progress. Here's a small overview of a few features: Client changes: Right click walk-here issue has been fixed. Objects missing their actions have been fixed. The combat overlay box has been up-scaled for players on resizable screen modes so it is easier to view now. Minimap icons around Edgeville home and skilling area have been updated. When closing the current settings page in the advanced settings screen, it will no longer bug out when you close page 6. The jewellery creation interface has been fixed, you're now able to create your amulets, necklaces and rings of choice! Server changes: Many items have had their prices adjusted to match OSRS wiki. More rare items will now announce on drop. Including those from Zulrah, GWD, Kraken and more! You can now cast Ice barrage. When entering the barrows tomb, it will now move you into the chest room to kill the final brother. Ironmen have had an armour store made for them containing low-mid level gear. Dragon axe special attack has now been added boosting your level + 3 allowing you to cut magic logs at 72 woodcutting. Zulrah has been added into the game following a couple of bug fixes. In addition to Zulrah joining Fluxious, it's drop tables has been adjusted because Mahogany logs were not noting on drop. You can now trade in your Fire capes for a chance of receiving the Jad pet. - Speak to Tzhaar-mej-jal in the fight caves bank area to do so. The Toxic blowpipe can now be loaded with Mithril and Adamant darts as oppose to just Rune and Dragon darts. Demonic gorillas spawns have been moved from Wilderness into their respective cave located via the training teleport. Few typo's have been fixed in the level-up dialogues and a few other in game messages. Server checking if a player is a certain donator rank has been fixed. Issue with vengeance not being casted has been fixed. Rune requirements with spells such as High-alchemy and Superheat item have been fixed. Untradeable items can no longer be alched. Bird's egg shrine has been added into the Woodcutting guild, use your bird's eggs on the shrine in return for prayer experience, birds nests and a chance at receiving a Chicken costume piece! Our issue faced this week regarding our SQL has been fixed. Images of a couple of updates: Thanks a lot, see you in the next one! Dinh - Fluxious Developer.
  15. It's not really a bug, it's just a qol update. This video shows that after the clan chat name [War Sun3est] there's a space then *player name* while here, in Fluxious we have [CC NAME]*player name*. Pretty sure it's an easy fix. 10-15 seconds at most.
  16. *Issue: Zulrah pathing bug *Reproduce:attack zulrahs second mage phase *Expected Result: phase to end *Actual Result: zulrah gets stuck Notes/Images: ] ps. the running back and forth always happens on that side when attacking zulrah sometimes he doesn't attack back and stays in the same phase therefore basically safespotting him and taking no damage, only happens on this side
  17. Location: N/A Skill: Magic Veng says i do not have the required runes when i do
  18. Buying Stuff

    Buying coal, bars (addy/rune), logs (yew/magic). Pm me in game, got generous offers.
  19. Buying Dragon boots 5m Buying Coal 1-1.5k ea depending on amount!
  20. New Player

    This is because there is a error with sql. It's being debugged and potentially restructured later. The problem is that you can login but cant logout. So if anyone logs out, nobody can login again..
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