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  1. Background The release of Fluxious has been a controversial topic, with a lot of people concerned of their account progress, and whether playing the beta now is worth doing so. Sander, Dinh, and myself have talked between each other, as well as the players, to brainstorm ways to fix the current problems attached to releasing Fluxious. Release The team has agreed to hold off on releasing Fluxious until a defined list of content has been fixed and/or implemented. Once the list is close to an end, we will announce a finalized release date. Reset To avoid negative impact on the official release of Fluxious, account levels and items will be reset. Account properties such as donations, play time, and other properties which don't impact Fluxious negatively, will remain. Current Account Progress No one wants their invested time to seem wasted. After some discussion, we're ready to propose an idea which aims to make progressing your account during beta worth it. Legends Those playing beta will be considered legendary. This is not a rank. However, it's not merely just a compliment either. Depending on your account build, play time, and donations, your account will be included in future content of Fluxious. This means how you progress your current account will determine how and where references to the account may show up. Many considerations will be taken into account, such as your bank, XP in a skill, and potential history. We are still open to suggestions. Polled Development Time There's a lot of content to be implemented, and a lot of bugs to be fixed. Developers are split across different tasks of different domains, making it harder to organize harming productivity. To ensure the time of developers is used towards what the players want, we will be polling all projects which may require a larger chunk of development time. Poll: https://linkto.run/p/2GWCZFR1 Organized Update Schedule We will be dividing updates into 4 categories: Hotfixes - An abrupt update, occurs needed Patches - An update focused soley on bugs and code enhancements Minor Updates - An update including added ancillaries to existing content, such as a new potion or a new NPC drop Major Updates - An update releasing project-based content, such as an entire skill or a new city