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  1. Name: Danny In-game Username: DivineDan Applying for Mod/Support: Global Moderator Age: 24 Country & Timezone: Scotland GMT -0 Average time played per day? My gaming varies depending on work and life commitments. More than the average user anyway. What days of the week are you available to play? Most days, Around work commitments. When did you join Fluxious? Pre Beta What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? I have been on the RSPS scene for over a decade. Ran and co-owned some plus moderated many others over my time. I enjoy the community experience and want to see everyone do well. Why do you want to be a Fluxious staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? I would like to do my bit to see the community thrive(staff and players) and be on hand to assist people to bring forth what looks like a very promising server. I would say i deserve it just as much as the next guy, i would be a good friendly addition to your team. What are your top qualities that you think a Fluxious staff member should have? I have a lot of empathy towards others. I believe myself to be fair. I like to have fun and most importantly have a laugh. Have you ever been infracted (Muted, Jailed or Banned)? If yes, what was the reason? Nope. N/A Tell us about yourself (Hobbies, occupation ect): I’m a computing student, love to game, enjoy cycling. What would you do if you saw someone spamming? Depending on the severity of the offence - providing its not an extreme case then start with warning and asking them nicely to stop. If they failed to comply after 2 warnings, temp mute. What would you do if someone was using offensive language? Same as above, start with polite warning etc. What would you do if someone was flaming a player? As above What would you do if someone was flaming a staff member? As above. What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on the forums? Depending on severity of case It may result in having to Remove the content and warn the user they have breached the rules. What would you do if you found or were informed about duped items? I would take notes of the circumstances and notify a team member with the authority to investigate further through the next necessary steps. If a player had them i would ask for them to be returned to me, if they refuse to give, to prevent damage to economy i would jail the involved players and hold the player until the dupe can be investigated. Thanks for taking the time to read my application DivineDan