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  1. YEAS! It's the moment we've all been waiting for.. Sadly we couldn't release the BETA on the last weeks of February, but.... I'm very proud to tell you that Sunday March 1st, we will release Fluxious BETA! There are many things that are still being changed during the BETA. The BETA is there to remove errors and bugs from the game. After a while the BETA server will be canceled and the server will be released. When you are playing BETA you can look at problems, suggestions and future content. The team will try to release updates weekly so that the game keeps changing. We love feedback and will do everything to make Fluxious a great game. All achievements (bank, stats, ranks) will remain after BETA, so... What are you waiting for, prepare to grind! The economy and experience rates of Fluxious are very good, this makes it that it wont be easy to get high levels within the BETA and also wont be able to get a lot of money. There for we don't need a reset after playing BETA. Instructions to play BETA: 1. Register at our forums 2. Join our discord We hope to see you at the opening of the BETA, Sunday March 1st at 12.00 PM GMT* There is a live countdown on our forums: http://fluxious-rsps.com/community * Specific time can be changed at any time.
  2. Welcome to Fluxious, enjoy your Discord Booster rank
  3. Official Fluxious Staff List Founder Sander- Time zone: CET Developer Dinh- Time zone: GMT +1 PR Manager Kayla - Time zone: EST Player Moderator Riki - Time zone: EST rsps niko - Time zone: PST - -
  4. Hello members of Fluxious, Last week you received more information about the release of Fluxious. It was announced that we will continue the beta, to find errors in the game and to resolve them. It is important that the community keeps playing Fluxious. Because without you, Fluxious cannot grow. As promised, there will be different rewards for the people who played during the beta. There are currently three types of rewards: The "Legend" title This title will be available for you in game and on the forums. As for the in game rewards, it will be a loyalty title which can only be obtained if you played during beta so will be considered "rare". Also you will get the amazing forum user bar that is shown above. Wyrm Blade I'm proudly saying that only 7 unique custom items are being added into the game, 6 of them are from the "Wyrm Armor" which can be obtained by reaching the top 3 spots in the hiscores. The last item will be the "Wyrm Blade" and this will be a sword only obtainable by the beta testers. The blade will have a little bit better stats than the Dragon Scimitar. Also this sword is tradeable, so very rare. Being recognised Everyone likes to be recognised in game. So... We're giving you the opportunity to have your name recognised somewhere within the world of Fluxious. This can be on ANYTHING such as a quest title, dialogue, statue examine or name etc. Remember this will be only for the few players that have showed us to be most active at the community.
  5. Please cast your vote on the release poll.
  6. Welcome Triage, Enjoy your stay. Will do everything in my power to make your stay worthwhile.
  7. The loop and tooth halves are on the rare droptable which is between a 1/16 and 1/64 change to land on. Just like osrs, so a lot of monsters drop part of the keys
  8. Crystal chest The Crystal chest can be found in bank in Edgeville The chest is locked and can only be opened using a crystal key, which is made by combining a loop half of key and a tooth half of key. Attempting to open the chest without the crystal key yields the message: This chest is securely locked shut. Opening the crystal chest grants an uncut dragonstone and a variety of other rewards. Loot An uncut dragonstone can be received on it's own, or together with any of the combinations listed in the table beneath. The expected value of the crystal chest is 185,000. The cost of a crystal key currently is 73,000, while the loop and tooth halves together will cost 70,000.
  9. Reserved for updates
  10. Welcome to the first "Unique Content" poll. This poll will be about the Skilling Master. The first Skilling Update! In this thread i'll explain a lot about the Skilling Master. After you did read all information you are able to cast your vote. The Skilling Master is a new NPC which will be introduced in the skilling area at our home. The Skilling Master will ask you which skilling task you want. There are four different tasks: Beginner (No requirements) Medium (Level 50 in all skills) Hard (Level 70 in all skills) Master (Level 90 in all skills) So for example, you will get a woodcutting task. This can either be a beginner, medium, hard or master: Beginner woodcutting task: Chop down 50 oak trees. Medium woodcutting task: Chop down 75 mahogany trees. Hard woodcutting task: Chop down 60 yew trees. Master woodcutting task: Chop down 40 magic trees. After you've choosen your difficulty you will get a message in the chatbox that will tell you your task. Tasks are randomly given from one of the 15 skills. For example Fishing, Woodcutting or Agility. ---X-X--- You can always see how far you are with the task, what the reward is and how many skilling points you have. You'll be rewarded with skilling points on every completed task. The more difficult the task, the more skilling points you'll get. Beginner task - 4 skilling points Medium task - 8 skilling points Hard task - 12 skilling points Master task - 18 skilling points Donators will get bonus points. Also there will be a XP reward which depends on the difficulty of the task. ---X-X--- Skilling points can be used to unlock tasks, extend tasks or to buy skilling gear such as Lumberjack outfit or a dragon axe. This will then be the only way to obtain skilling outfits. A unlock for the woodcutting skill could be "Get acces to redwood tree tasks". A extension of the woodcutting skill can be "Get 25% more trees". Also you could spend to block or cancel tasks. ---X-X--- I'll make a development blog when there are votes on the poll above. So please cast your votes on the questions so i know what to change There should be atleast 70% votes on "YES" to pass the poll.
  11. Staff reserves the right to punish any member as they see fit throughout the entirety of Fluxious. Bans are not issued upon request. Staff discretion applies to all the rules listed in the file below. Rules.pdf
  12. Welcome! Will see you ingame soon