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Update [25 July 2019]

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Sander    72

Hello everyone,

We’re back with another update! Today’s update contains the new skilling zone that has been added across the Edgeville River. 
This skilling zone is ment for players to start skilling, to get their first levels in most of the skills. The following skills can be trained:

Crafting - Pick Flax and spin it into Bowstring (Requires level 10 to start).
Mining - Mine Copper, Tin and Iron ores (Requires level 1 to start).
Smithing - Smelt ores in the Furnace and create metal items (Requires level 1 to start).
Fishing - Fish Shrimp, Anchovies,Trout and Salmon at the Edgeville river (Requires level 1 to start).
Cooking - Cook your recently caught fish at the campfire (Requires level 1).
Woodcutting - Chop down one of many trees that are growing around the zone (Requires level 1).
Firemaking - Burn the logs anywhere to receive some Firemaking experience (Requires level 1).
Fletching - Fletching your logs into Arrow shafts, Bows or Crossbows (Requires level 1).
Thieving - Start becoming a thief by pick pocketing Men, Women and H.A.M. members (Requires level 1).
Farming - Plant your first seed in this allotment (Requires level 1).

Two weeks have gone by since the H.A.M members robbed the bank and left the employees for dead. A couple still remain inside which wont give up their guard. If you have 20 thieving and are quick enough, you might just be able to steal some of people of Edgeville's loot which they have stole from them.

 Picture of the bank:

Here are some images taken from the new skilling zone:

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Joker    13

The new Skilling Zone looks excellent, also I like how well it fits into the game as if it should have been there from the start. Great job!

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