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[Beta] Game updates patch #1

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Clive    6

Hey everyone, here are the patch notes since opening beta a couple of days ago. Some haven't been added due to not being "important". Thanks for checking out the beta. - Dinh.



Dinh - Hiscores now handle your game mode/difficulty.
Dinh - Quest tab will display all of your rank information.
Dinh - Fixed a bug with picking up items.
RSPSi - Rewrote the clan chat packet allowing player icons to be shown.
Dinh - Fixed a clipping issue in lumbridge chicken pen.


Dinh - Fixed an issue with starter game modes automatically selecting hard mode.
Dinh - Voting now gives you a reward.
Dinh - Experience rates have been fixed for regular game modes.
Dinh - Tab seperators in the bank interface have been shortened.
Dinh - Re-added level 99 messages.
Dinh - Fluxious will no longer screenshot the client on rare announcements, kills or achievements.


Dinh - Scrolling has been adjusted on the quest tab to handle more strings.
Dinh - Skillcape perks have been removed until a new system is in place.
Dinh - Task resetting has been adjusted to handle donators cheaper task reset costs. 
+ Nieve's fourth option will no longer reset your task instantly for the price, instead send this dialogue.
Dinh - Prayer altar no longer requires 75 prayer to use bones on it.
Dinh - Combat overlay box has been increased in size for the resizable screen mode.





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