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[Beta] Game updates patch #3

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Hey players,

We've been working hard on a big set of fixes and additions to bring to Fluxious, and we decided we'd fill everyone in on the progress.


Here's a small overview of a few features:


Client changes:

  • Right click walk-here issue has been fixed.
  • Objects missing their actions have been fixed.
  • The combat overlay box has been up-scaled for players on resizable screen modes so it is easier to view now.
  • Minimap icons around Edgeville home and skilling area have been updated.
  • When closing the  current settings page in the advanced settings screen, it will no longer bug out when you close page 6.
  • The jewellery creation interface has been fixed, you're now able to create your amulets, necklaces and rings of choice!


Server changes:

  • Many items have had their prices adjusted to match OSRS wiki.
  • More rare items will now announce on drop. Including those from Zulrah, GWD, Kraken and more!
  • You can now cast Ice barrage.
  • When entering the barrows tomb, it will now move you into the chest room to kill the final brother.
  • Ironmen have had an armour store made for them containing low-mid level gear.
  • Dragon axe special attack has now been added boosting your level + 3 allowing you to cut magic logs at 72 woodcutting.
  • Zulrah has been added into the game following a couple of bug fixes.
  • In addition to Zulrah joining Fluxious, it's drop tables has been adjusted because Mahogany logs were not noting on drop.
  • You can now trade in your Fire capes for a chance of receiving the Jad pet. - Speak to Tzhaar-mej-jal in the fight caves bank area to do so.
  • The Toxic blowpipe can now be loaded with Mithril and Adamant darts as oppose to just Rune and Dragon darts.
  • Demonic gorillas spawns have been moved from Wilderness into their respective cave located via the training teleport.
  • Few typo's have been fixed in the level-up dialogues and a few other in game messages.
  • Server checking if a player is a certain donator rank has been fixed.
  • Issue with vengeance not being casted has been fixed.
  • Rune requirements with spells such as High-alchemy and Superheat item have been fixed.
  • Untradeable items can no longer be alched.  
  • Bird's egg shrine has been added into the Woodcutting guild, use your bird's eggs on the shrine in return for prayer experience, birds nests and a chance at receiving a Chicken costume piece!
  • Our issue faced this week regarding our SQL has been fixed.


Images of a couple of updates:







Thanks a lot, see you in the next one!

Dinh - Fluxious Developer.


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