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    Gem rocks can be mined through the Mining skill in the mine on the Diamond Zone (requires diamond donator). A Mining level of 40 is required to mine gem rocks, granting 65 Mining experience per gem. The rocks regenerate 100 seconds after being mined. Location: Gem rates When a gem rock is mined, one of the following gems is produced:
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  5. FORUMS || DOWNLOAD || STORE || VOTE || HISCORES Hello everyone, With over 250 unique accounts created over the past months, we decide to release our BETA version of the game. Our BETA will be release on the 1st of March 2020 at 5:00 PM GMT! Be there to join the client and play the BETA release together with a small group of player! Make sure to join our forums in order to play Fluxious BETA! Instructions on how to play Fluxious: You can download our launcher/client here on release. The launcher is your best choice since it is auto updating, so you will always have the most recent update. Before you are able to play, you'll have to register a forum account. If you already have a forum account from our ALPHA release, you should request a new password due to forum changes. After you're registered you are ready to play Fluxious. What does BETA mean on Fluxious? There are many things that are still being changed during the BETA. The BETA is there to remove errors and bugs from the game. After a while the BETA server will be canceled and the server will be released. When you are playing BETA you can look at problems, suggestions and future content. The team will try to release updates weekly so that the game keeps changing. We love feedback and will do everything to make Fluxious a great game. All achievements (bank, stats, ranks) will be reset after BETA. The reason for this is to give everyone a fair start at the game, a game without any dupes/glitches and with a stable eco, thanks to the BETA! How long will the BETA be live? This really depends on the player base, if there are a good amount of active players online, we will most likely keep the BETA running a bit longer. Other then the active playerbase, once we are secured of finding most of the bugs/glitches/dupes we will be ready to produce new content. Once new content is being made we will switch over to the actual release. BETA FAQ Q: Can i donate in BETA? And if so what happends with my status and items after BETA? A: Yes you can donate in the BETA, all of your donations will be saved. Once we release our actual game we will give back all your credits so you can redeem your credits for items again. This means that you'll start over with your donator items, so if you get a Dragon Harpoon from a mystery box you wont get that item back, you'll recieve 75 credits. Q: Can i become a staff member of Fluxious? A: Yes you can become a staffmember. Although there are no applications for becoming a Moderator on Fluxious. The staff team is always looking around for new members on their personal accounts. So be aware of this. We are also looking for a Community Manager with past experience, you can contact Sander for this. Q: What happens with my voting points after BETA? A: Voting makes Fluxious grow on the RSPS-toplists, we are very grateful for that. If a player has voted, they can claim items ingame. Of course we do not want the points to be lost. That is why you can submit a screenshot when we converted the server to the actual release. The amounts of points being returned in BETA will use the following formula: ( {votepoints} / 10 ) * 6 ) This means that you will get 60% of your votepoints returned after BETA. We dont want to have a OP release. Any more questions might be added anytime soon... Kindly Regards, Fluxious Staff team
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    Welcome to Fluxious, a brand new RSPS released in 2020. Fluxious is a full economy server, focusing on every aspect of the game. We are striving not to be a nother RSPS, but to be a server with custom content and ideas to make your stay worthwile. Fluxious started his development on April 2019. Almost one year later we've released a ALPHA and a BETA version of the game. Hopefully soon the server gets released. Upon your first time logging into Fluxious you're greeted by the Fluxious Guide who introduces you to Fluxious. There's a tutorial phase that is recommended if you're new to the game but if you're comfortable enough with your surroundings you're able to skip it. The NPC provides the different game modes/experience rates for you and in order to continue you must select one. These experience rates are linked to OSRS. Normal Difficulty x50 XP per hit in combat experience x10 Skilling experience No account restrictions Hard Difficulty x25 XP per hit in combat experience x5 Skilling experience +5% rare drop rate +100 bank spaces 25% chance for noted bars / hides / bones Ironman x50 XP per hit in combat experience x10 Skilling experience No player-to-player trades No picking up drops from other players Ultimate Ironman x50 XP per hit in combat experience x10 Skilling experience No player-to-player trades No picking up drops from other players Cannot use bank / deposit items into banks Hardcore Ironman x50 XP per hit in combat experience x10 Skilling experience No player-to-player trades No picking up drops from other players If you die, your status will be reverted to a standard Ironman
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    Dear Fluxious players. Welcome to the Beginners Guide. In this thread i'll explain all important things that a new player of Fluxious should know before starting to play Fluxious. This is a detailed thread so i recommend that you use the CRTL+F command if you wish to search for something specific. Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to this thread. Introduction to Fluxious Game Modes and Experience Rates
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    Hello, I'm sorry that you are unable to login. You've probably typed your password over 3 times now, and still think you have the correct password. The answer to this is yes, you have the correct password! But due to the new forum software the passwords have changed. You can easily request a new password here. If your account is locked, please PM Sander on discord. (Click here to join our discord) Kindly regards, Sander
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    Hello members of Fluxious, Last week you received more information about the release of Fluxious. It was announced that we will continue the beta, to find errors in the game and to resolve them. It is important that the community keeps playing Fluxious. Because without you, Fluxious cannot grow. As promised, there will be different rewards for the people who played during the beta. There are currently three types of rewards: The "Legend" title This title** will be available for you in game and on the forums. As for the in game rewards, it will be a loyalty title which can only be obtained if you played during beta so will be considered "rare". Also you will get the amazing forum user bar that is shown above. Wyrm Blade I'm proudly saying that only 7 unique custom items are being added into the game, 6 of them are from the "Wyrm Armor" which can be obtained by reaching the top 3 spots in the hiscores. The last item will be the "Wyrm Blade" * and this will be a sword only obtainable by the beta testers. The blade will have a little bit better stats than the Dragon Scimitar. Also this sword is tradeable, so very rare. Being recognised Everyone likes to be recognised in game. So... We're giving you the opportunity to have your name recognised somewhere within the world of Fluxious. This can be on ANYTHING such as a quest title, dialogue, statue examine or name etc. Remember this will be only for the few players that have showed us to be most active at the community. BETA rewards are only for people who have more than (actively) 10 hours of gameplay. Must provide a screenshot. Maximum of 2 accounts per user, for example on your Hardcore Ironman and on your Hard-mode account. * Item will be obtainable after the BETA ends. ** Title will be avaible a couple of days/weeks into BETA and after the BETA.
  13. In order to donate you need to visit the store, from here you can browse the shop and looks at things that you're interested in. There are several payment options that Fluxious takes to appeal to various users. If you purchase items or tokens from the store you'll immediately receive them. To view the Donator store please visit this link. Here you can purchase Credits. Every Credit is worth $0.10, so if you buy for $5 on Tokens you will get 50 Credits. You can spend the Credits in our online donator store. If you dont spend the Credits in our donator store, you won't get any donator rank. You can also buy bonds from friends ingame. Sometimes there will be special offers on the store so you can get Credits for an reduced price. There are also special offers on items in the store. Paypal Credit cards Bank transfers Runescape 2007 gold NOTE: It is not possible to get a refund. And if you chargeback any money you’ll get insta banned. Click the link underneath, the click the "Show FAQ" button. http://fluxious-rsps.com/store/ Emerald Zone This zone includes the following: Oak, Willow and Maple trees Chinchompa hunting area Law and Nature altar Iron, Coal, Gold and Mithril mine Flax Field + spinning wheel (and anvil) Master Farmer with double loot Sharks and Manta Rays fishing spot Ornate Pool without a timer Bank with general chill area Diamond Zone This zone includes the following: Oak, Maple, Yew and Teak trees Carnivoures Chinchompa hunting area Death and Blood altar Coal and Adamantite mine Gem Rock mine Farm with cows (thieving sectret) Sea Turtle and Anglerfish fishing spots Ornate Pool without a timer Fire that never runs out Furnace and Anvil close to bank Bank with general chill area Zenyte Zone This zone includes the following: Oak, Yew, Magic and Mahoganny trees Black Chinchompa hunting area Wrath altar Coal and Runite ore mine Birdhouse locations Haunted Area (skeletons secret) Bank with general chill area Closest furnace + anvil to a bank in Fluxious Karambwan fishing spots
  14. Sander

    Founder is the owner of the server and its website. The founder has full power and is in charge of the server along with handling donation support tickets, RSGP/custom donations, releasing updates. Developers are members of the staff who have access to the development of the forums, the server and the client. They add new content and work on Quality of Life updates. They make Fluxious a better game, every day. The Public Relations Manager (PR Manager) maintains stability/reduces tension between community and staff by shifting focus from negative situations that may exist to positive situations that exist. Player Moderators are members of staff who are focused on moderating both in-game and forums. Player Moderators have to handle appeals, player reports, monitor in-game/forums, forward any serious issues to the Founder or Manager. Graphic Designers are members of the community who provide artwork by posting it on forums. They mostly provide unofficial graphic design to the community. This rank can be obtained if the requirements are met. This rank has no bonuses. Veterans are members of Fluxious who have been around the community for a while. It is a respected rank and can be obtained if the specific requirements are met. This rank also has no bonuses. Youtubers are members of the community who provide server related media to the community. They get perks if they attain this rank, however they must provide content regularly and promote the server on YouTube. In order to apply for this rank, please contact an administrator/founder for more info. Legends are members who joined in early beta, these players helped Fluxious grow. They have tested the game, looked out for bugs and tested the game for glitched. Thanks to these legends, Fluxious became a great game! A regular member who plays Fluxious, this can be a member with normal or hard mode. No rank that can often be seen. If you do not follow the rules, you will be banned. Ironmen are members of the community who picked a challenging game mode where they cannot trade, use the trading post, buy from general stores, however they can still purchase some items from a donation store. There are multiple ironmen modes: regular, ultimate and hardcore. The only difference is that hardcores lose their rank once they die, whereas ultimate ironmen cannot use banks. Discord Boosters, have boosted the official Fluxious Discord, Thanks! Donators are members of the community who have contributed to the server by donating money. They have plenty of benefits after donating that can be found here.