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  1. Hey everyone. So far, the beta has gone successfully in my eyes and can only get better as more issues are being resolved, improved upon and more content gets included. Once more issues have been resolved, we can then begin to take on suggestions and other content ideas we had in mind. So here they are in no particular order. Server: - Added a bit more organisation to the quest tab and removed the colours from the various ranks. - Fixed an issue with ironman modes giving the wrong rank on new player starters. - Implemented well of goodwill granting 15% bonus experience for 2 hours. - A couple of further fixes for the well of goodwill. - Sanfew serum's and Anti-venoms have been removed from the supply store. - Fishing bait has been added to the skilling store. - Looting bag will only be obtained in the wilderness and only drop if you do not have one. - Bonecrusher has been reworked including a fix for npc's that have more than 1 type of bone in their drop tables. - Ecumenical key can only be obtained in the wilderness. - Finished dialogue for the barbarian to allow you to smash vials after use and visa versa. - Fixed an issue with previous teleports. - Cleared up and added more options to various locations. - Implemented donator only skin colours respective to their rank while allowing higher rank donators to obtain lower rank content. - Replaced the healing box at home with the Rejuvenation pool from OSRS. - Fixed the clipping around edgeville thieving stalls. - Renamed a couple of fishing spots in Catherby. - Game mode title fix on the quest tab. - Fixed an issue with fishing spots counting as the wrong fish type. - Fixed an issue with a fishing spot counting a being a tile away from it's actual position. - Smithing has received a rework, some of the changes wont be noticeable ingame since it was mostly a code revamp to increase performance and lower packets being sent. - Smelting now includes the new make-all interface as used in OSRS. - Superheat item has been rewritten. - Game modes have been corrected for ironman and hardmodes. - Firemaking timers decreased, so you're now able to train slightly faster. - Barrows gloves are now given to the player when you finish Recipe for disaster. Other: - Implemented a few more useful administrator only commands for ease of access. Client: - Implemented a hard mode player icon. - Removed titles from right click actions. - A couple of skin colours have been edited to match their donator rank. - Game mode icons have been fixed for their respective mode id's.
  2. With the upcoming beta only a couple of hours away, I thought i'd share some of the updates leading up to the release from behind the scenes. Forums: - Purchased the official IPB forum license granting us more features, better layouts on admin tools and more. - User bars have received a rework including new ones for their respective ranks. - Discord integration with role receiving (if you're a donator on the forums, your discord role will get upgraded) - Introductions integration with discord. Client: - Teleport interface received a much needed rework including previous teleports. - Price checker interface background has been given an OSRS look. - Store interface has always received an OSRS refresh. - Introduced a fresher looking Skillguide interface (in progress) - Achievement diary interface has been reworked with a newer scrollbar as well. - Added a button to switch to view your equipment in the bank interface. - Skill orbs received a rework as well including progress colours. - Introduced a brand new donator island map with 3 designated zones. - Fixed female models for the skill capes as they didn't show before. Server: - Began working on the new donator island (still in progress for a while) - Rejuvination pool has been moved to home with a 15 minute cooldown (also on the emerald island) - Brought in Potion decanting with a cost which scales down per donator rank. - Introduced a vote store. - Introduced a starter selection of achievement diaries to be completed (rewards will be added shortly). - Fixed a couple of issues with the teleport interface rework. - Ectofuntus has been added to fluxious for extra prayer experience. - Slayer received further reworks since the OSRS interface was introduced. - Slayer level caps were introduced so you will no longer receive tasks below whatever you cap is set to. - Fillables have been added. Use any empty item on a fountain, sink or well to fill them. - Made a start on the Zeah continent which will be in the next major content patch.
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