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Hello everyone,

With over 250 unique accounts created over the past months, we decide to release our BETA version of the game.
Our BETA will be release on the 1st of March 2020 at 5:00 PM GMT!
Be there to join the client and play the BETA release together with a small group of player!
Make sure to join our forums in order to play Fluxious BETA!

Instructions on how to play Fluxious:

You can download our launcher/client here on release. The launcher is your best choice since it is auto updating, so you will always have the most recent update. Before you are able to play, you'll have to register a forum account. If you already have a forum account from our ALPHA release, you should request a new password due to forum changes. After you're registered you are ready to play Fluxious.

What does BETA mean on Fluxious?

There are many things that are still being changed during the BETA. The BETA is there to remove errors and bugs from the game. After a while the BETA server will be canceled and the server will be released. When you are playing BETA you can look at problems, suggestions and future content. The team will try to release updates weekly so that the game keeps changing. We love feedback and will do everything to make Fluxious a great game. All achievements (bank, stats, ranks) will be reset after BETA. The reason for this is to give everyone a fair start at the game, a game without any dupes/glitches and with a stable eco, thanks to the BETA!

How long will the BETA be live?

This really depends on the player base, if there are a good amount of active players online, we will most likely keep the BETA running a bit longer. Other then the active playerbase, once we are secured of finding most of the bugs/glitches/dupes we will be ready to produce new content. Once new content is being made we will switch over to the actual release.



Q: Can i donate in BETA? And if so what happends with my status and items after BETA?
A: Yes you can donate in the BETA, all of your donations will be saved. Once we release our actual game we will give back all your credits so you can redeem your credits for items again. This means that you'll start over with your donator items, so if you get a Dragon Harpoon from a mystery box you wont get that item back, you'll recieve 75 credits. 

Q: Can i become a staff member of Fluxious?
A: Yes you can become a staffmember. Although there are no applications for becoming a Moderator on Fluxious. The staff team is always looking around for new members on their personal accounts. So be aware of this. We are also looking for a Community Manager with past experience, you can contact Sander for this. 

Q: What happens with my voting points after BETA?
A: Voting makes Fluxious grow on the RSPS-toplists, we are very grateful for that. If a player has voted, they can claim items ingame. Of course we do not want the points to be lost. That is why you can submit a screenshot when we converted the server to the actual release.  The amounts of points being returned in BETA will use the following formula: ( {votepoints} / 10 ) *  6 ) 
This means that you will get 60% of your votepoints returned after BETA. We dont want to have a OP release.  

Any more questions might be added anytime soon...

Kindly Regards,

Fluxious Staff team


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