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Fluxious Beta Rewards

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Sander    3

Hello members of Fluxious,

Last week you received more information about the release of Fluxious. It was announced that we will continue the beta, to find errors in the game and to resolve them. It is important that the community keeps playing Fluxious. Because without you, Fluxious cannot grow. As promised, there will be different rewards for the people who played during the beta. There are currently three types of rewards:


The "Legend"  title

This title** will be available for you in game and on the forums. As for the in game rewards, it will be a loyalty title which can only be obtained if you played during beta so will be considered "rare". Also you will get the amazing forum user bar that is shown above.

Wyrm Blade

I'm proudly saying that only 7 unique custom items are being added into the game, 6 of them are from the "Wyrm Armor" which can be obtained by reaching the top 3 spots in the hiscores. The last item will be the "Wyrm Blade" * and this will be a sword only obtainable by the beta testers. The blade will have a little bit better stats than the Dragon Scimitar. Also this sword is tradeable, so very rare. 


Being recognised

Everyone likes to be recognised in game. So... We're giving you the opportunity to have your name recognised somewhere within the world of Fluxious. This can be on ANYTHING such as a quest title, dialogue, statue examine or name etc. Remember this will be only for the few players that have showed us to be most active at the community.

BETA rewards are only for people who have more than (actively) 10 hours of gameplay. Must provide a screenshot. Maximum of 2 accounts per user, for example on your Hardcore Ironman and on your Hard-mode account.  

* Item will be obtainable after the BETA ends.
** Title will be avaible a couple of days/weeks into BETA and after the BETA.

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