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  1. Amazing! Great Job to all Fluxious Team!
  2. Welcome Triage! Good to meet you, hope to see you in-game. And yes one of the many things I love about this server is that most everything is a grind!
  3. Ah I see! Awesome news.
  4. Now to work on npc's that drop these keys. As i've only seen Kraken drop 1 ckey..
  5. Oh I thought this guide was solely for you Jk love ya
  6. Thank you appreciate it =] glad to be of service!
  7. Thanks Mate! Will do a more in-depth, detailed and more organized one very soon!
  8. Welcome Angel! Hope to see you in-game!
  9. Hey everyone welcome to Fluxious! This will be a basic starters guide for all the new Fluxious members. *Quick Note* To play Fluxious, you will need to make a forums account, and confirm in your email account creation. After doing this you will need to log into the game with your forum username and password! When you log in you will start with some basic armor, weapons, and some trout, you can choose hard or normal experience modes, and either Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, or Ultimate Ironman. See below perks and benefits of each mode First thing you will want to do is head over to the Fluxious teleport statue located north of Edgeville. I suggest training at rock crabs until you have some decent stats (60 att, def, str) You can also start thieving at the stalls at home for some quick cash, as you will need it to upgrade your gear. Okay now that you have some decent combat stats, cash and gear, I suggest camping some green dragons *DO NOT FORGET TO BRING AN ANTI-DRAGON SHIELD!* The shops are located at home north west of the teleport statue. Speak to Wallmart pictured below to access the different shops. (The supplies shop has prayer potions for 5,921 gp ea) The Equipment option in the shops has multiple other shops including range shop, mage shop, and melee shop. There is also a miscellaneous items shop for some good Amulets, Boots and the Obsidian cape I suggest getting enough bones for 43+ prayer and sell the loot/green dragonhide to the general store (same guy Wallmart) Past this point you can start to do some slayer, barrows, and bossing! If you need any further help or are confused on something feel free to reply here, on discord or in-game! Always glad to help! See you in-game! RSPS Niko Player Moderator Fluxious RSPS
  10. Welcome brotha! Nice to meet you.
  11. Hey everyone, by way of introduction my name is Nikolai, or Niko. Im 24, have been part of the RSPS and OSRS/RS3 community for a loong time (since 2007 I would say). I played a vast variety of servers, from custom ones to the nearest RS3 clients and of course OSRS servers (my fav). I work full-time, live in the Bay Area, love to smoke. Welp there ya go, a quick intro! -See you in-game!
  12. Status Orbs! Very nice. Servers coming together amazingly!
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    So it has been decided haha.
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    Obtain a pet. Obtain 10 pets. Achieve 100m total wealth. 1b total wealth.