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[Beta] Game updates patch #2

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Clive    6

List of almost all the updates been completed in the second part of the beta. Thanks once again to everybody involved in spotting these issues for me to fix!



Dinh - Chat issues fixed with help from RSPSi.
Dinh - Achievement diary requirements adjusted and new ones added.
Dinh - Fixed an issue with a couple of diaries not incrementing.


Dinh - Requirement for Barbarian agility course has been fixed.
Dinh - All items completed for the online donator store claiming.
Dinh - Information tab now has full functionality including links.
Dinh - Teleport locations reworked while a couple are in development.


Dinh - Our issue with the database not being updated with rights after a player has donated has been fixed.
Dinh - Hiscores game mode assortments fixed.
Dinh - Fixed another issue with game mode selection.
Dinh - Prices on basic tools have been adjusted.
Dinh - A couple of monk of zamorak spawns have been removed from the Black dragon area in Taverley dungeon.
Dinh - Ironmen item pickups have been fixed.
Dinh - Voting now adds rewards.
Dinh - Slayer helmet pieces have been added to the slayer store.
Dinh - Slayer points per task have been adjusted.
Dinh - Slayer helmets can now be created.
Dinh Client - Icons removed from right click menu's.
Dinh - Slayer task reset costs have been fixed.
Dinh - Removed a couple of bosses from boss tasks due to them not being ingame yet.
Dinh - A number of items have had their prices adjusted.


Dinh - Flax spinning requirements fixed.
Dinh - Removed RFD glove rewards from the Misc shop.
Dinh - More prices amended.
Dinh - Wilderness agility course level requirement fixed.
Dinh - Clue scrolls have been started and also now save completed amounts to player.


Dinh - Some wilderness spawns have been fixed.
Dinh - Skeletal wyverns are no longer aggressive due to some attack issues.
Dinh - Slayer consecutive tasks system added giving bonus points.
Dinh - Slayer shop prices updated.
Dinh - Mind and elemental shields added to the melee shop.
Dinh - Voting now gives vote points instead of tickets.
Dinh - Callisto mahogany log drops are now noted.
Dinh - Hard mode exp rates have been adjusted.
Dinh - Barrows item rates fixed.


Dinh - Fixed a hard mode selection issue.
Dinh - Fixed an issue with slayer consecutive tasks.


Thank you. 


Fluxious Lead Developer.

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Dylan    0

Goodjob Guys, daily updates, so much work to do but so much already done!

Big congratulations and a very good job welldone!


Cheers, Dylan

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