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Fluxious is a full economy server, focusing on every aspect of the game. We are striving not to be another RSPS, but be a server with custom content and ideas to make your stay worthwhile.

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[Beta] Game updates patch #3

15-09-2019, 20:45 by Clive



Hey players,

We've been working hard on a big set of fixes and additions to bring to Fluxious, and we decided we'd fill everyone in on the progress.


Here's a small overview of a few features:


Client changes:

  • Right click walk-here issue has been fixed.
  • Objects missing their actions have been fixed.
  • The combat overlay box has been up-scaled for players on resizable screen modes so it is eas...

[Beta] Game updates patch #2

25-08-2019, 15:55 by Clive

List of almost all the updates been completed in the second part of the beta. Thanks once again to everybody involved in spotting these issues for me to fix!



Dinh - Chat issues fixed with help from RSPSi.
Dinh - Achievement diary requirements adjusted and new ones added.
Dinh - Fixed an issue with a couple of diaries not incrementing.


Dinh - Requirement for Barbarian agility course has been fixed.
Dinh - All items completed for the online donator store claiming.
Dinh - Information tab now has full functionality including links.
Dinh - Teleport locations reworked while a couple are in development.


Dinh - Our issue with the database not being updated with rights after a player has donated has been fixed.
Dinh - Hiscores game mode assortments fixed.
Dinh - Fixed another issue with game mode selection.
Dinh - Prices on basic tools have been adjusted.
Dinh - A couple of monk of zamorak spawns have been removed from the Black dragon area in Taverley dungeon.
Dinh - Ironmen item pickups have been fixed.
Dinh - Voting now adds rewards.
Dinh - Slayer helmet pieces have been added to the slayer store.
Dinh - Slayer points per task have been adjusted.
Dinh - Slayer helmets can now be created.
Dinh Client - Icons removed from right click menu's.
Dinh - Slayer task reset costs have been fixed.
Dinh - Removed a couple of bosses from bo...

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